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About Us

Our practice areas include all criminal offences including drug offences, theft, fraud, money laundering, driving offences, violent offences and white collar crime.

Fierce Defenders

An excellent defence law firm that understands its responsibility, works tirelessly and practises honourably to defend individuals against prosecutions for criminal and regulatory offences.

Honest Treatment

We will keep you updated at every stage of the process.

Clear Advice

We communicate effectively at every stage and give you clear advice so that you can make informed decisions and give us the best instructions in order for us to represent your best interest.

Smart Strategies

Working with renowned Kings’s Counsel, experienced and high quality barristers in serious and complex criminal litigation. Our work often involves cases with several defendants and are often document intensive cases. We specialise in cases involving complex legal arguments. We have an excellent ability to have an overview of a case and to deploy the best tactics.

Ernest Aduwa

Ernest qualified as a solicitor in 2010. His experience includes tactical case preparation for representing his clients accused of complex and serious criminal offences. Prior to founding Ervaid Law, Ernest worked as an Assistant Solicitor at a tier 1 Legal 500 law firm in London.

Ernest defends his clients in a range of criminal matters including homicide, fraud and money laundering offences, blackmail, drug offences and cybercrime. He has advised individuals from the finance, music, medical, sports professions in relation to criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Fiercely fighting for justice, Ernest aims to protect his clients' interests in every aspect of their case.

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